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Yokogawa device Services

Welcome at Yokogawa Device Services!

You have the possibility to create an user account and register your device1 or login to your existing profile to register additional devices1.

Your advantage: The warranty2 for registered devices will be extended up to 24 months.

Another advantage of the Yokogawa Device Services: the reminder function3 will inform you about upcoming maintenance or calibrations for your registered devices.
1Supported device categories/groups: The YDS device registration supports currently only coriolis flowmeter, variable area flowmeter, ultrasonic, vortex and magnetic flowmeters from Rota Yokogawa.

2The maximum warranty duration is 24 months including the extension period; the warranty extension is only valid for devices that have been shipped after the 01.10.2013. Conditions for warranty extension/supported countries

3Rota Yokogawa assumes no responsibility for the advanced functions of the Registration Webtool; the user is solely liable for any damages caused by missed maintenance or calibration intervals; for additional information refer to the terms of use.